How It Works

Welcome to!  Buying domains shouldn't be hard. Because we don't like things to be difficult either, we keep everything transparent and simple. Here are the simple steps to buying a domain name from HerbaDomains. 


  1. Find the domain that is amazing and is exactly what you're looking for. 
  2. Click the "Make Offer" button and put the price you'd like to pay for the domain.
  3. Once an offer has been made we will respond within 3 hours.  We will either accept the offer, counter or politely decline.  
  4. If a purchase price is agreed upon payment must be made through This will protect both of us as the domain and money transfer is handled by a reputable third party. All escrow fees will be paid by HerbaDomains.
  5. Once the payment has been received we will begin the transfer process. The entire process will take approximately 1-2 days after payment is made. Our domains are registered with GoDaddy and all transfers to other GoDaddy accounts are free of charge.  Any transfer fees to any host companies other than GoDaddy are the responsibility of the buyer (usually $10-$15, depending on host company). 
  6. That's it!  You're now the proud owner of a one of a kind Herba Domain!


 *Domains will remain for sale until a sales price has been agreed upon. We receive offers daily and will not remove the domain from our listings until an agreement has been reached. 


We tried to make it simpler but doing that only complicated things.  :)